Packing & Unpacking Services

Our Residential Packing and Unpacking Service Saves You Time and Effort!

Packing Service

Not everyone wants to, has the time to, or is able to pack up all of their belongings.

Let Akron Move It Now pack up your kitchen and all of your household furnishings! Save time and let our professional, well-trained expert packers do all the time-consuming and tedious packing work. Our packing service is great if your corporate move is paid for, but also very economical for a move you pay for yourself!

We can pack up a few boxes or everything in your entire residence! You make the decision with our courteous moving estimators.

Call 330-929-MOVE (6683) Now to learn how we can save you time by packing your belongings for you and save money over other moving companies with our moving packing services!

Unpacking Service

Worn out after all you have been through planning and getting ready for your move?

At best, moving is an exhausting experience. Even if Akron Move It Now does all the heavy lifting for you there is still the unpacking of all the boxes and setup of all of your beds and furniture in your new home.

Move It Now can unpack all the boxes we move or you move and place everything in their proper places. Our unpacking service is available for DIY movers too!

Try our convenient and flexible unpacking service from Akron Move It Now. Call Now 330-929-MOVE (6683) for more information or to schedule our unpacking service.

Packing Materials

Our well trained and careful moving and packing crews use the best packing materials to ensure the safety of your fine china, dishes and glassware.

fFor Do-It-Yourself (DIY) moves, we make all of our packing materials including boxes, packing tape, and more are available for purchase at our offices. These packing materials are the exact same, high quality moving boxes and packing tape and packing paper our expert packers use too!

Moving Boxes & Packing Materials
We pack each glass individually to ensure all of your fragile items arrive in the same condition they were in when they left your old home.
Hudson residential packing service
Each box we pack is carefully marked with the new location where it is to be unloaded, the contents of the box and any special handling instructions.
Tallmadge Ohio residential packing company
Let us pack your dishes, glasses and all the items in your kitchen and household!
Household packing service
Customized Packing & Unpacking Services

Not everyone needs the same packing or unpacking services for their move. Akron Move It Now will provide complete residential packing services before your move and the same unpacking service at the completion of the moving process.

We are also flexible enough to provide just the amount of packing or unpacking services you want for a local or long-distance move. If you have questions about how to pack, or are unsure if you will have time or will need help packing or unpacking after your move, call us Now at 330-929-MOVE (6683)!