We Sell Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies

Simplify your packing with our high-quality moving supplies.

Don't Trust Used Boxes

Be wary of used boxes, like the ones you get from the grocery store, they may be moisture damaged or not adequately assembled. We provide a wide variety of boxes and packing supplies specifically designed for household and commercial moves.

Pick Up or Delivery

Stop in and pick up what you need or call and we can recommend what you should use and deliver them right to your door step. If you end up buying too much we buy back anything that goes unused.

Pay For Moving Supplies Using Your Mastercard We Accept Visa for Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies Discover cards accepted for any of our moving services

Small Boxes (1.5 Cubic Foot)

Ideal for:
Books, CD's, Papers, Canned Goods

Only $2.50 ea

Medium Boxes (3.0 Cubic Foot)

Ideal for:
Electronics, Pots & Pans, Small Appliances

Only $3.00 ea

Large Boxes (4.5 Cubic Foot)

Ideal for:
Lamps, Toys, Shades, Clothing

Only $3.50 ea

X-Large Boxes (6.0 Cubic Foot)

Ideal for:
Bedding, Linens, Light Bulky Items

Only $4.00 ea

Dishpack Boxes (5.25 Cubic Foot)

Ideal for:
Glassware, China, Fragile Items, Breakables

Only $7.00 ea

Wardrobe Boxes (Buy or Rent)

Keep clothes on hangers while moving with sturdy wardrobe boxes.

$14.00 buy / $10.00 rent

Small Mirror Boxes

Adjustable from 30 to 40 inches.

Only $7.00 ea

Large Mirror Boxes

Adjustable from 40 to 60 inches.

Only $8.00 ea

Packing Paper

Packing Paper comes in a 25-pound bundle.

Only $30.00 bdl

Paper Moving Pads

Great for storage & rental trucks.

Only $3.00 ea

Mattress Bags

Protect your mattress and keep it clean during your move.

Only $6.00 ea (any size)

Movers Packing Tape

Movers tape specially designed to stick to cardboard boxes.

Only $2.50 roll

File Tote Boxes

Legal and letter size file boxes keep important papers safe

Call for Price

We have a variety of other supplies available for the DIY move. Not sure what you need? Contact us for recommendations.